Medvedev Vows Strict Antismoking Bill Will Pass

October 16, 2012 / Wall Street Journal / — Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev threw down the gauntlet against Big Tobacco Tuesday, vowing that strict antismoking legislation before the government will pass and calling the effort “just the beginning.” “We cannot let tobacco companies make money off our children’s health and make them lifelong smokers any longer. […]

Veterans are at higher risk of alcohol abuse relapse due to smoking

October 12, 2012 / Science Codex / — In a new study published in Frontiers, Dr Timothy Durazzo and colleagues from the San Francisco VA Medical Center and University of California, San Francisco, expand upon their decade of research showing that smoking while kicking the alcohol habit impairs memory, learning and other cognitive skills–ultimately making […]

Novus Twigs: The New Choice for Smokers

For Immediate Release NEW NON-NICOTINE, NON-TOBACCO SOLUTION TARGETED TO NO-SMOKING ZONES Novus Twigs: The New Choice for Smokers New York City, NY /10/16/2012 – More than 1 in 5 Americans still smoke according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is in spite of the 22,458 municipalities in 39 states which enforce a […]

Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real: Users Can Suffer Same Acute Withdrawal Symptoms as Tobacco Smokers

September 27, 2012 / Medical Daily / – When people try to quit smoking marijuana, they can experience withdrawal symptoms that can disrupt their daily lives, according to a new study. Australian scientists found that when habitual marijuana users were asked to quit the habit for two weeks, they suffered irritability, sleeping difficulties, mood swings, […]

Experts Rebut Smokeless Tobacco as Alternative to Cigarettes

September 12, 2012 / Tulsa World News / — OKLAHOMA CITY – Experts told a House panel on Tuesday that promoting smokeless tobacco as an alternative to cigarettes was a bad and potentially dangerous idea. Rep. Doug Cox, R-Grove, asked for the interim study at the request of a company that makes a smokeless tobacco, […]

Nicotine Harms Sperm

September 11, 2012 / AllAfrica / — Men considering fatherhood should steer away from nicotine – and not only in cigarettes, but nicotine-replacement products, such as gum or patches should also be avoided. This is according to new research by the University of Stellenbosch revealing that nicotine harms sperm viability. The preliminary results of the […]