Sentiens has a deep and unique core team of managers and close advisors that provide extensive experience in every facet of the addressable market, from the science and product development, to the manufacturing and distribution, and to the marketing, sales and finance.


DENNIS TAN – Mr. Tan is one of the Founders and the majority investor owner of Sentiens, LLC.  Prior to founding Sentiens, Mr. Tan founded and ran Tanerprise Inc, a consulting firm.  One of the core clients of Tanerprise was Knex (and predecessor firm Timcorp).  Knex is an internationally established services firm that provides manufacturing equipment, installation consulting services, raw material supplies, and sales and brokering services to various clients in the global tobacco industry.  Through that engagement over the last 10 years, Mr. Tan has been actively engaged in the brokering of product and equipment sales within the international marketplace, assisted in consulting services for equipment installations and optimization, has developed systems to support manufacturing launches, and developed deep relationships with manufacturers, distributers, suppliers and vendors.  It is those relationships that have enabled Sentiens to efficiently develop its product development, supplier management, and manufacturing efforts through launch.  At Tanerprise, Mr. Tan had responsibilities for all operations including bottom line profit and loss.

Prior to Tanerprise, Mr. Tan was a project manager and technical architect for the State of Maine, working in the State Housing Authority, the State Department of Developmental and Behavioral Services, and the State Bureau of Medical Services.  Prior to his role with the State of Maine, Mr. Tan was a principal at MICON, a Phoenix Arizona based firm that focused on providing senior level information technology consulting services for the Government and Utilities market.

Mr. Tan received his Bachelor of Sciences degree from California Polytechnic while working full time as a software developer.

JOHN SIVERLING – One of the Founding Members of Sentiens, LLC, Mr. Siverling has developed his financial, operational and management skills from a varied history of professional experiences.  For Sentiens, John has led the development of the business and financial strategy, and has been actively engaged in every functional area of the launch, from R&D, manufacturing, operations, marketing and sales.  In addition to the full time work with Sentiens, Mr. Siverling continues to manage his prior consulting business, JAS Ventures.

At JAS Ventures, LLC, John continues to consult with a small number of clients on assorted finance and operational projects.  John assists in the identification of small business clients and assists those clients on their business planning, financing and operational strategies.  Project engagements include:  1) Interim Executive Director for the Christian Investment Forum, 2) a strategic business review and marketing plan for Eventide Asset Management, a mutual fund management company, 3) energy generation assessment study for a Native American tribe, and 4) market evaluation and market entry study for an early stage venture capital firm that led to their expansion into a second state and an additional office.

Prior to JAS Ventures, John was a partner at Sloan Ventures, an early stage venture development firm.  John managed all aspects of the Sloan Investment Fund, including limited partner reporting and investment activities for a number of the firm’s portfolio companies.  He has taken active interim management positions, as CFO and COO, with some of the early stage companies.

Prior to joining Sloan Ventures, John worked with Frank Russell Capital, a private equity firm, analyzing the private equity industry and in cooperation with Goldman Sachs managing a globally recognized survey on trends in the industry. John began his career with General Motors Cadillac Division and held various sales and marketing management positions inDetroit,DenverandSan Francisco.

John has been a frequent speaker and panelist, including at the University of Michigan Business School, MIT Forum, UNCC Five Ventures Business Plan Competition, andLawrenceTechnologicalUniversity.  John holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from theUniversityofWisconsinand an MBA with Distinction from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

INNA TIMOKHINA, PH.D. – Dr. Timokhina is one of the core members of the scientific research and development team with over 12 years of experience in the field of Molecular Medicine in the areas of oncology, angiogenesis, diabetes and stem cell therapy. Dr. Timokhina is focused on various aspects of research and development, from developing proprietary product formulations to optimizing product development protocols as well as quality control and efficacy testing.  She is one of the named inventors on the Sentiens pending patent.

Prior to Sentiens, Dr. Timokhina worked at Zarya Technologies as Scientific Director, where she developed concepts and applications for SBIR grants.  Prior to Zarya, Dr. Timokhina worked as a Drug Discovery Research Scientist at Wellstat Therapeutics in Gaithersburg, MD, where she was a member of the pharmacology team, supporting a new anti-diabetes drug. While at Wellstat, she also worked on projects in the areas of oncology and stem cell therapy.

Dr. Timokhina received her Ph. D. in Molecular Biology from Cornell University and Sloan-Kettering Institute, Weill Graduate School of Medicinal Sciences in New York.  She received her B.S. degree in Biology and M.S. degree in Genetics at Novosibirsk State University in Russia.  Dr. Timokhina was a postdoctoral fellow at NYU-Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York in the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology of Cancer before taking the position at Wellstat.

Dr. Timokhina is also an artist, and has exhibited nationally and internationally, in galleries and art spaces including Washington DC, New York City, Miami, Ibiza and London. She had a recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Russian Art in Jersey City.

ROBIN MOGUL, M.D.  – Dr. Mogul joined Sentiens to support the company’s efforts in developing a medical therapeutic efficacy program.  Through this program, Sentiens will design and run trials to test cessation efficacy in Novus users, and will seek to establish relationships with the professional and academic healthcare communities to support the research data and resulting publications intended for public release.

Prior to joining Sentiens, Dr. Mogul has been in private practice in Child, Adolescent, Adult and Family Psychiatry, with a focus on childhood obesity and substance abuse.

Dr. Mogul received her M.D. from State University of New York (SUNY) Health Science Center in Syracuse.  She is a Bravewell Fellow, Class of 2012 at Duke University School of Medicine.  Dr. Mogul received her M.S. in Biology from Boston College, and holds a B.S. in Biology & Philosophy from Union College in Schenectady, New York.