Novus Twigs: The New Choice for Smokers

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Novus Twigs: The New Choice for Smokers

New York City, NY /10/16/2012 – More than 1 in 5 Americans still smoke according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is in spite of the 22,458 municipalities in 39 states which enforce a 100% smoke-free provision in public spaces according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation.

For those who still chose to smoke, this presents both productivity and lifestyle issues. For employers and hospitality managers, keeping smokers and non-smokers satisfied has become a one-sided argument in favor of non-smokers.

Just when smokers thought it wasn’t safe to go indoors anymore, Sentiens, a North Carolina research and development company, has launched Novus Twigs, a botanically-based, cigarette-alternative for smokers adjusting to smoke-free zones.

Odorless, smokeless, vapor-less, tobacco-less, and non-nicotine based, Novus Twigs were formulated from more than twelve years of scientific research. Offensive to no one, they offer a lifestyle solution for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Novus Twigs look exactly like a cigarette and have been shown to effectively provide immediate smoking satisfaction which lasted as long as 3 hours.

Not an e-cigarette, or a cessation product, Novus Twigs were developed by the Sentiens team of scientists and addiction specialists. The product delivers a smoking sensation through a combination of sensory stimuli associated with cigarette smoking – from the outer white wrap to the inner paper to the all-natural botanic formula itself – without the socially unacceptable side effects of second-hand smoke, odor and ashes.

Unique BotanicBoost™ Boost Formula
“BotanicBoost™ is a proprietary platform technology that focuses on a deep understanding of how the human body functions, particularly how the body’s nervous system acts as a primary pathway for our initial reaction to our environment and to the body’s response to those stimuli,” states Dennis Tan, Co-Founder of Sentiens and one of the developers of Novus . “This is an underappreciated and unexploited area of research,” he continues.

The ingredients in Novus are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food use by the FDA. Since Novus is not a drug, device or tobacco product, the product does not require FDA regulatory guidance, or is it subject to the high taxes imposed on cigarettes.

Novus Twigs are available in: smooth, citrus, mint and lemon flavors. Each “twig” is the equivalent of two or three cigarettes and are available wherever smoking products are sold, and at Suggested retail cost for a single Novus is $0.99. Novus is not recommended for sale to minors under 18 years of age.

About Sentiens LLC
Sentiens LLC, ( based in North Carolina, is a research and development company that is focused on designing products that have a positive impact on society through improving health and wellness. The emphasis of the company’s science is targeting known addictive behaviors with nutraceutical products that utilize proprietary technology platforms, and leverage the company’s expertise in systemic sensory pathways.

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