BotanicBoost is Clinically Proven Satisfaction without Nicotine

  For Immediate Release GROUNDBREAKING CLINICAL RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS NEW SATISFACTION FOR SMOKERS  BotanicBoost®: Clinically Proven Satisfaction without Nicotine   Charlotte, NC / April 25, 2018 / –  Sentiens, LLC announced the publication in the academic Journal of Smoking Cessation ( ) of results from a study on the satisfaction provided to smokers by BotanicBoost in replacement of nicotine.  In the recently completed US clinical study, BotanicBoost® was shown to provide significantly more satisfaction to smokers than placebo.  This represents an important milestone for Sentiens and its technology, confirming prior Company research about the potential for its technology to be an effective tool to help satisfy smokers.  The study entitled “Evaluation of a Botanical Extract that Mimics the Respiratory Cues of Cigarette Smoke”, compared a BotanicBoost® infused e-cigarette like device with a placebo in a randomized double blind study with 16 subjects.  Satisfaction ratings were significantly greater for the active BotanicBoost® variant (M=3.18, SD=1.05) than for the placebo (M=2.69 SD=1.20); t(15)=2.21, P=0.02.  The study further mentioned that the placebo products for this study were not a completely inactive control condition.  Thus, the study noted the overall impact of the active product would likely have been greater in comparison with a non-flavored control condition.  No serious adverse events were observed, and there were no clinically significant changes in vital signs or pulmonary function associated with product use. According to lead author Dr. Jed E. Rose, “The study results add to a body of findings, which show that simulating the respiratory tract sensations of cigarette smoking may provide a degree of smoking satisfaction even in the absence of nicotine.” Prior research has shown positive correlations between satisfaction, craving relief, and reduced cigarette use.  It is important to note that neither BotanicBoost® nor Novus Twig® or eTwig by Novus® products have been tested or approved as a medical device or drug.  “This study validates our own consumer research, and takes the results to a much higher scientific threshold,” said John Siverling, co-founder of Sentiens, LLC.  “We look forward to completing more research on the significant potential the patented BotanicBoost® technology can have to satisfy smokers in the U.S. and globally who would like to end their use of nicotine.”  Prior Company research has shown that BotanicBoost® can satisfy smokers when they are looking to smoke.  72% of those trying Novus® said it provided similar satisfaction, even without nicotine.  The ingredients in BotanicBoost® are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food use by the FDA.    Unique BotanicBoost® Formula BotanicBoost® is a proprietary platform technology that focuses on a deep understanding of how the human body functions, particularly how the body’s sensory system acts as a primary pathway for our initial reaction to our environment and to the body’s response to those stimuli.  This is an underappreciated and unexploited area of research in the context of smoking and other health issues. More information about BotanicBoost® and the products developed by Sentiens can be found at    About Sentiens LLC Sentiens LLC, ( based in North Carolina, is a research and development company that is focused on designing products that have a positive impact on society through improving health and wellness.  The emphasis of the company’s science is targeting known addictive behaviors with products that utilize proprietary technology platforms, and leverage the company’s expertise in systemic sensory pathways.       Contact:    John Siverling              Sentiens, LLC 248 797-7038   # # #