Sentiens Announces Allowance Of Patent Claims In Japan

BotanicBoost®: Satisfaction without Nicotine

    Charlotte, NC / March 30, 2017 / –  Sentiens, LLC announced that on February 12th, 2017, the Company was notified of the allowance by the Japanese Patent Office of Patent No. 6087951 for claims related to the issued U.S. Patent US 8,646,461 , “Device and Method for Simulating Chemosensation of Smoking” to Sentiens.  This patent is directed to the technology behind BotanicBoost® and its use in products developed by the Company, such as the Novus® Twig and eTwig by Novus®.  The Japanese patent was filed on December 12th, 2012.   With this latest allowance in Japan, this first patent for Sentiens has been accepted in Australia, Canada, China, Russia, and Singapore, along with the United States. US 8,646,461 describes a device that simulates the sensations of smoking in the throat and airways and botanic agents that activate specific sensory receptors, without requiring delivery of nicotine or tobacco-related toxins.  The specific type of “chemosensation” involved is a fundamental sensory function, distinct from taste and smell, and stimulation of the proper nerve endings can trigger a broad range of complex sensations and reflexes.  In the allowed application, the focus is on how these sensations and reflexes can be used to effectively mimic smoking and the body’s initial reaction to nicotine. Sentiens continues to pursue several additional patent applications directed to other devices and agents related to chemosensation but for other behaviors and experiences.  “We are very pleased with the claims allowed by the U.S. Patent Office regarding this patent application, and now this most recent allowance in Japan.” said John Siverling, co-founder of Sentiens, LLC.  “The patented BotanicBoost® technology has significant potential to satisfy smokers globally who would like to end their use of nicotine.”   Unique BotanicBoost™ Boost Formula BotanicBoost™ is a proprietary platform technology that focuses on a deep understanding of how the human body functions, particularly how the body’s sensory system acts as a primary pathway for our initial reaction to our environment and to the body’s response to those stimuli.  This is an underappreciated and unexploited area of research in the context of smoking and other health issues. More information about BotanicBoost and the products developed by Sentiens can be found at About Sentiens LLC Sentiens LLC, ( based inNorth Carolina, is a research and development company that is focused on designing products that have a positive impact on society through improving health and wellness.  The emphasis of the company’s science is targeting known addictive behaviors with products that utilize proprietary technology platforms, and leverage the company’s expertise in systemic sensory pathways.   Contact:    John Siverling              Sentiens, LLC 248 797-7038  

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