BotanicBoost® is the proprietary technology behind the product development program at Sentiens, which is incorporated into the Novus twig and eTwig by Novus®, as well as other products currently under development.

Utilizing a large body of established scientific research on the body’s sensory system, our platform technology allows us to create specially formulated mixtures of naturally occurring ingredients that when combined can activate receptors in the central nervous system sending signals to the brain that trigger reflexes in the body. These reflexes are strongly linked to memory and can evoke feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. These sensory responses are relevant for food enjoyment and nutrition, or pleasant thermo-sensations. Examples include developed liking for the distinct sharpness or pungency of many foods that can result in craving for these foods, or the pleasant sensation of cool by menthol.

The scientific team at Sentiens has a strong background in understanding the interactions of the body’s various biosystems, and has developed a library of ingredients each of which has unique qualities for activating the body’s sensory system. Combining these ingredients in unique blends, in proper ratios, and in concentrated forms, creates the unique formulas that are used to deliver performance to the user.

Our science is based on peer reviewed 3rd party research that proved that nicotine cravings can be satisfied through approaches not including nicotine or drugs, and that relief can help in the process of trying to reduce smoking, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

The process by which BotanicBoost® works is through a fundamental function of the sensory system called “Chemesensation”, which is distinguished from other more well known functions of the sensory system such as taste and smell.  To learn more about Chemesensation and how it it used in the Sentiens Science, please read our White Paper .