This section provides regular updates on what is happening within the industries in which we have products.  We also have provided a list of links that we feel may be helpful for those trying to learn more about addictions, about tobacco, and about organizations that have research or information about these areas.

Cessation Resources – A collection of resources, articles, and links to quit smoking sites that can help aid smokers who would like to quit.

Industry Links – We’ve provided a list of organizations that we’ve found to have some useful information or research on topics related to our work and our science.   We are not affiliated with any of these organizations, and the views and opinions they have may differ from ours.  But you may find them useful and interesting.

Tobacco Industry News – Much of the content here is gathered from other news sites around the web, and includes some scientific research and data as well as more general healthcare information.  What is clear is there is no loss of information related to tobacco, cigarettes, and cessation issues.

Background on Smoking – Learn about some of the history of smoking, and some of the background on why it is so addictive.