Listed below are articles that have been authored by Sentiens and its Scientific Team:

SENTIENS SCIENCE – Clinical Study on Satisfaction of BotanicBoost for Smokers

In its first completed US clinical study, BotanicBoost® was shown to provide significantly more satisfaction to smokers than placebo.  This represents an important milestone for Sentiens and its technology, confirming prior Company research about the potential for its technology to be an effective tool to help satisfy smokers.   Link to Paper

SENTIENS SCIENCE – Chemosensation

The following link is to a paper on Chemosensation, which is a fundamental concept the supports how and why our technology and products can be effective.  This area of science, related to the human sensory system, is growing in popularity and credibility as our society and medical community gains appreciation for systems biology and complementary medicine.  Link to Paper

SENTIENS SCIENCE – Safety & Gateway Theories of Cigarette Alternatives

One concern that has been expressed by some is the potential for products that are designed to help in cessation, to potentially also be harmful.  A particular issue is whether these products can themselves lead to the initial use of an addictive product such as cigarettes by someone that has never smoked.  The following link is to a paper that discusses this theory and provides information on why we believe this is not a concern, especially with our products.   Link to Paper

SENTIENS SCIENCE – Novus Information for Healthcare Professionals

It is the goal of Sentiens to work closely with the healthcare professionals who work with and treat patients with the types of addictions our products are intended to help.   We understand and accept that this requires us to provide information to those professionals to help them understand how our technology works, and to continue to dialogue with the community on longer term studies and testing.

The following link is to our paper that discusses some of the key questions we’ve heard from the healthcare community in terms of using our technology, and why we believe our technology and products can be used with confidence.  It is our hope that through this document we will be able to develop relationships with those in the field.  Link to Paper 

SENTIENS SCIENCE – Botanic Boost Consumer Study 2013A

Details on a survey done with smokers that tried Novus Twig, where 72% of them indicated a reduced level of craving after using Novus with Botanic Boost.  Link to Paper