New Study addresses smoking effects on women

The risks and effects of smoking are not a new phenomenon to anyone due to the sustained messaging from public health organizations, and still it is undeniable that the reports on smoking effects on women and others continue to be researched and presented.   And for good reason due to the continued high levels of smoking and related deaths.   For women, there are unique reasons to consider reducing or quitting smoking.

An article on Fox News Health highlighted women smokers as part of a recent study by a UK health ministry.   The study reported that 1 in 10 people will die due to smoking or smoking related illnesses.  It also

If you’re a woman who smokes, you cannot deny the science. Both men and women have increased risks for cancer, lung disease, and other breathing complications. In fact, smoking increases the risk for nearly all illnesses and causes more deaths than illegal drugs, guns, or traffic accidents.  In addition to these usual risks, women will also experience a variety of other health problems. No matter what people think, women do smoke habitually, and this habit does wreak havoc on their health.

The research that was the basis for the article was from the Global Burden of Disease Study, and it contains data on smoking prevalence across different countries, between men and women, and across different socio-economic levels.   One of the focuses of the study was daily smokers.  A couple of more surprising pieces of information in the study were:

  • The rate of smoking has decreased in recent decades, but the actual number of smokers continues to rise as population growth occurs.  As of 2015, there were 933 million daily smokers
  • The country with the largest number of daily female smokers was not China, India or some developing country.  It was none other than the United States, with 17 million daily female smokers

The reasons people smoke are varied, but are all pretty well known.  How to successfully reduce or quit smoking is also known, but continues to be elusive.  There are many reasons for the low effectiveness of quit treatments and programs.  There are many resources, free or otherwise, to support efforts.  Some of them are listed at the Sentiens website.  The Sentiens technology is a non-nicotine healthy solution, which is clinically proven to satisfy smokers, is available at