Our approach focuses on a clear understanding of how the human body functions, particularly how the body’s nervous system (peripheral and central) acts as a primary pathway for our initial reaction to our environment, and to the body’s response to those stimuli.

Our research and our product development utilize the established concepts of integrative medicine. We use a scientific, evidence-based approach to understand the interaction of natural ingredients with the body’s nervous system, and we develop biologically based products to positively affect the body’s desired cravings related to addiction. Neuroscience, which is the study of the nervous system, has provided a great deal of understanding of how the nervous system works in conjunction with other systems in the body. Coupled to our knowledge of how natural ingredients react with the nervous system, we are developing products that can target specific receptors leading to the desired systemic effect with great confidence.

Integrative medicine is a concept that is well known and steeped in medical historical. According to the U.S. National Institute of Health, Hippocrates the “Father of Western Medicine”, noted the moral and spiritual aspects of healing and believed that treatment could occur only with consideration of attitude, environmental influences, and natural remedies. Today, there is a continued growth in the realization that there are not different forms of medicine (western versus eastern, traditional versus alternative). Instead, the focus is on the positive and negative effects of all therapies using rigorous evidence based study. Whether the therapy is a pharmaceutically developed drug or a naturally occurring bioactive ingredient or compound, the key issue is in understanding the effect and then testing it.

  • Harmonic balance of science and nature
  • Integrative medicine based technology and solutions
  • Novel biologically based products for addictions and addictive behaviors