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Sentiens Solution Targeted to E-Cigarette Users

For Immediate Release   NEW NOVUS® SOLUTION TARGETED TO E-CIGARETTE USERS PROVIDING SATISFACTION WITHOUT NICOTINE  eTwig by Novus®:  The New Choice for Vapers Charlotte, NC /8/19/2013 –  The developer of the revolutionary Novus® Twigs announced today the launch of eTwig by Novus®.  eTwig uses the same patent pending BotanicBoost™ formula as the Novus® Twig, but […]

Why Nicotine is So Addictive

July 31, 2013 / Business Insider / — When someone says a substance is addictive, they can mean two separate things. Physically addictive, more accurately physically dependent, is when your body begins to depend on the presence of a particular substance for its physical well being. It’s begun compensating its normal processes to adjust for […]