72% of smokers indicated a reduced level of craving after using

Novus with BotanicBoost®


Recent results of consumer marketing research conducted by Sentiens provided some compelling data for the effectiveness of the company’s BotanicBoost® technology to satisfy smokers.  These results support the scientific theories underlying the development of BotanicBoost® by Sentiens, and further supports the past research done by others such as J.E. Rose, showing reductions in craving through similar approaches.

Novus Twig® is the first product developed by Sentiens using the company’s foundational science on sensory systems and chemosensation.  Novus Twig® looks and feels more like a cigarette than any other alternative products such as e-cigarettes.  Novus Twig® is a rod shaped device made from specialized paper fibers that is infused with approximately 1.0 ml of BotanicBoost®.  By inhaling on the Twig, the user vaporizes the BotanicBoost® formula in the rod sending approximately 0.2 microliters of formula into the mouth and throat.  The form factor, materials used, and weight provide the look and tactile effects of a cigarette.

Sentiens conducted a survey in February, 2013, in which 60 consumers tested the Novus Twig with BotanicBoost®.  As part of the broader survey, consumers were asked if they tried Novus Twig when they had a craving for a cigarette.  If they answered affirmatively, they were asked if that craving was reduced after using Novus Twig.  From those questions, 71.7% of the respondents who had tried the product when they had a craving said that Twig reduced that craving for a cigarette.

Combined Results – 71.7%

Novus Mint – 80.0%

Novus Citrus / Lemon – 75.0%

Novus Full – 62.5%


Novus Smooth was not included in this survey.  The survey was primarily intended as a consumer market study on flavor variations, and there was not an alternative Smooth flavor in the testing regiment.

Additional research is appropriate and required to further test these results.  Sentiens is actively seeking possible partners from academia or the healthcare community to collaborate on further research.  Please contact the scientific team at Sentiens LLC, if you are interested in working with us in clinical trials using our patent-pending technology as an adjuvant to your smoking cessation programs.